Small Parts Shelving S90 standard


Small Parts Shelving S90 standard

Constructor small parts shelving S90 is supremely versatile and adapts to all your requirements – this is our main concept and the basis for the system.

The Constructor small parts shelving system with its basic elements and a multitude of accessories is guaranteed to meet all kinds of small parts storage needs. The Constructor small parts shelving concept is based on two standard uprights and a range of shelves with different load bearing capacities.

Our fully automated, ultra-modern production lines guarantee an end product with high quality and exact measurements for easy assembly.


Small Parts Shelving S90 standard

The basic elements of the Constructor small parts shelving system provide single level as well as multilevel shelving systems up to 18 meters high fully automated central warehouses and distribution centres.

The basic elements are made of high quality cold rolled steel sheet formed in automated production lines.

Surface treatment is either powder coating after meticulous non-toxic environmental friendly cleansing and iron-phosphating or galvanizing.

 Heights from 2.000 to 18.000 mm.


Small Parts Shelving S90 standard

Standard heights for upright T35:

2020, 2295, 2480, 2665, 3030 mm

Standard heights for upright T50:

2020, 2295, 2480, 2665, 3030, 4320, 4500 mm


300, 400, 500, 600 mm

Shelf lengths:

900, 1000, 1280 mm

Load bearing capacities:

150 kg and 200 kg per shelf

Maximum section/area load up to 3.000 kg

Our standard upright colours are dark grey (RAL 7016), the heavier upright comes galvanized.

The shelves are light grey (RAL 9002).

Other colours are also available – on request.