Shelving Systems - Short Span

PSS can supply a wide selection of shelving systems to suit various situations and a range of plastic storage bins for storing small parts. Any small parts storage or picking area can be greatly improved.

Shortspan shelving systems along with a comprehensive range of accessories. PSS shelving units can improve any picking area making the optimum use of space and creating efficiency.

  • S90 Shelving System

    S90 Shelving System

    Constructor small parts shelving S90 is supremely versatile and adapts to all your requirements – this is our main concept and the basis for the system.

  • Budgetline Shelving

    Budgetline Shelving

    A cheap galvanised shelving system ideal for garages and small store rooms.

  • Plastic Storage Bins

    Plastic Storage Bins

    If you work in a warehouse, workshop, school or office, you’ll know how important it is to stay organised. Plastic Storage Bins can help, making it easy to manage your small items.