Racking Accessories

Racking Accessories

  • Pull-out Unit

    Pull-out Unit

    Ergonomic Pallet Pull out unit allowing 3 sided access.

    The system allows you to pick goods without having to remove items from their original pallets, goods stored on the pull-out unit can be picked by hand directly from the racking.

  • Pallet Support Bars

    Pallet Support Bars

    Pallet support bars run from the front to the back beam and support unusual shaped pallets or broken pallets.

  • Fork Spacer Bars

    Fork Spacer Bars

    For objects stored on pallets but not on a pallet and allows forklift trucks access to stored items.

  • Skid Support

    Skid Support

    Galvanised Skid Supports for metal stillages storedf on pallet racking.

  • Galvanised Shelf Panel

    Galvanised Shelf Panel

    Galvanised drop over shelf panel to convert pallet racking into shelving for unpalletised goods.

  • Mesh Decking

    Mesh Decking

    Mesh decking turns any pallet racking into shelving very quickly. Enabling the storage of small boxed goods removed from a pallet, but with a high load capacity.

  • Full Drum Support

    Full Drum Support

    Drum or coil is supported from the front to the rear beam.

  • Barrel Stop

    Barrel Stop

    Drum or barrel stop for a single beam, usually used in pairs.

  • Metal Column Guard

    Metal Column Guard

    Metal Column guards are bolted to the floor and protect the racking upright from forklift truck damage.

  • Metal Corner Guard

    Metal Corner Guard

    Protect vulnerable corners or the last upright in a run of pallet racking from low level forklift truck damage with this metal corner guard.

  • Protect-it


    Plastic clip on protection for pallet racking uprights, protects against forklift truck damage. 4 pieces per upright, easily moved for inspection. The Protect-it is an easy way to add rack protection.

  • Tubular Barrier

    Tubular Barrier

    Tubular Barriers are used to protect the ends of a pallet racking run from forklift truck damage.

  • Rack End Barrier

    Rack End Barrier

    Protection from forklift trucks at the end of a racking run. This three piece Rack End Barrier is made from metal.

  • Metal Bollard

    Metal Bollard

    These Metal bollards are available either galvanised or painted Yellow for protection of corners vulnerable to forklift truck damage.