Pallet Racking

PSS sell a wide range of pallet racking systems and accessories for warehouses. 

Whether you wish to fit out a warehouse for pallet storage, a cold store or garment storage, there will be a pallet racking system to suit.

Standard Wide Aisle pallet racking for fast easy access, Narrow Aisle for space saving, pallet flow or push back systems for FIFO and LIFO systems.

There's also a wide selection of pallet racking protection systems for frame and upright protection and a full range of accessories.


  • Stronglock Pallet Racking

    Stronglock Pallet Racking

    The original PSS Pallet Racking system and still going strong.

  • Premierack Pallet Racking

    Premierack Pallet Racking

    A range of Pallet Racking that offers greater flexibility with 50mm increment adjustments of beam height.

  • Pallet Pull-out Unit

    Pallet Pull-out Unit

    Ergonomic pull-out unit for the manual handling of palletised goods within the racking structure.

  • Wire Mesh Decking/Shelving

    Wire Mesh Decking/Shelving

    Wire Mesh Decking is a highly versatile shelving and decking solution offering significant benefits over traditional shelving, for both Fire and Safety regulations.