Pallet Racking Protection

  • Anticollapse Mesh

    Anticollapse Mesh

    Anti-Collapse Mesh for the back of pallet racking.

  • Metal Bollards

    Metal Bollards

    Designed to protect crucial structures, metal bollards are positioned where forklift trucks are likely to impact with vulnerable corners.

  • Rack End Barrier

    Rack End Barrier

    This tough, heavy-duty, metal pallet racking Rack-End Protector is designed and built to withstand major impacts and to protect the end of your aisles from fork lift truck damage.

  • Protect-it Column Guard

    Protect-it Column Guard

    The Protect-it™ Column Guard combines, Computer Aided Engineering and advanced thermoplastic materials to deliver a product that can absorb large impacts and easily attaches to a column without additional fasteners.

  • Metal Corner & Column Guards

    Metal Corner & Column Guards

    Floor mounted protection from forklift truck damage.

  • Tubular Barrier Protection

    Tubular Barrier Protection

    Tubular barriers are strong and robust barriers that are perfect for protecting vulnerable areas in your warehouse from forklift truck collisions and impacts.