Heavy Duty Cantilever Accessories

Heavy Duty Cantilever Accessories

  • Fixed Stopper

    Fixed Stopper

    Welded end plates are used as a heavy duty solution for stopping the stored items from rolling off the rack.

  • Removable Stopper - Heavy Duty

    Removable Stopper - Heavy Duty

    The removable end stop is the most used solution to prevent items from rolling forward. This item can be retrofitted.

  • Cantilever Mobile Bases

    Cantilever Mobile Bases

    Cantilever racking can also be installed on MOVO heavy duty mobile carriages.

  • Arms for coil storage

    Arms for coil storage

    Cantilever racking can be configured to store metal coils or reels safely and efficiently.

  • Steel Grating

    Steel Grating

    Steel grating can be placed on the cantilever arms to avoid small products falling between the arms.

  • Cantilever Roofing

    Cantilever Roofing

    The addition of a roofing system protects the cantilever and the goods stored beneath from the elements.