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  1. Dexion’s promise to be a one-stop-shop rolled out to its website


    Searching for a storage solution has just got a whole lot easier. Dexion has created a new website that is cleaner, brighter and easier to navigate. Unlike many of its competitors who focus simply on products, Dexion’s emphasis on the website is the same emphasis that it provides its customers: Dexion provides storage solutions. “We carried out...

  2. Altor to divest major part of Constructor Group to Gonvarri Steel Services


    Constructor Group AS ("Constructor Group") is one of the largest providers of storage solutions in Europe. The Group markets its offering under the brands Constructor, Constructor Logistics, Bruynzeel, Kasten, Dexion and PSS. Constructor Group was acquired in 2007 by Altor Fund II ("Altor"). On the 4th of October, Altor signed an agreement to...

  3. One small part: a multitude of benefits


    The rise in popularity of in-rack fire sprinklers has produced many benefits for warehouse safety.  In-rack sprinklers win hands down over a ceiling sprinkler system in many modern structures because they eliminate the problems associated with sloping and very high ceilings, they can be positioned closer to the shelves holding the goods, and due...

  4. Warehouse Automation: Who needs it?


    Automation is a hot topic that produces lively debate. On the one hand, there are those who believe it will cut staff costs, reduce errors and speed delivery times. On the other are companies that stick to the tried and tested manual methods they’ve used for decades, relying on the human skills of decision-making and interaction rather than...