News & Events

  1. PSS adds Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking to its range


    PSS are please to announce the addition of Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking to their range of products they now sell. Made in house at Constructor Group's factories this range of cantilever racking can be specified to your exact requirements, with colour or galvanised options.   Click here for information on Cantilever racking - Heavy Duty   Contac...

  2. Protect-it now available


    Warehouse pallet racking is a significant investment for any business, collision damage to the frame upright is not only a health and safety issue but can also be expensive to rectify. In response to this PSS are now launching the impact protection system Protect-it . This plastic protection system is quick and easy to install, requiring no tool...

  3. New Mesh Decking


    The new wire mesh decking and shelving from PSS is a versatile storage solution that has been designed with health and safety regulations in mind.  The compliant storage system lets smoke and heat rise while allowing sprinkler water to reach lower storage areas.  The mesh decking converts pallet racking into shelves for smaller items without the...