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Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

The impact the Company has on the environment is extremely important to us. This is why we have ISO14001 accreditation and believe that this demonstrates our commitment to reducing our global and carbon footprint. This is an ongoing process which is supported by all our employees who each believe in the importance of this, and who strive to reduce the impact of their own contribution.

PSS & Constructor Group UK Ltd's ISO14001 scope covers the environmental management system associated with design, provision and installation of storage solutions. A copy of our Environmental Policy is available for your consideration and we are happy to discuss any elements of this with our customers and suppliers.

We ensure our workforce are aware of the affects of their actions on the environment and require each employee to act in an environmentally responsible manner.  They are asked to contribute to the sustainability of the Company by using energy, water and raw materials more efficiently, thus optimising our use of natural resources.

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